Google “open sources” LiveTranscribe – except not really: only gives away android coding examples to connect to Google’s cloud speech products

Live Transcribe is an Android application that provides real-time captioning for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. This repository contains the Android client libraries for communicating with Google’s Cloud Speech API that are used in Live Transcribe.

The libraries provided are nearly identical to those running in the production application Live Transcribe. They have been extensively field tested and unit tested. However, the tests themselves are not open sourced at this time.

Github: live-transcribe-speech-engine

This is part of the problem with big companies playing Open Source – it’s not giving away anything useful or of any value, it’s just showing you how to connect to a product you will have to pay for. But Google is playing this one up and pretending that it’s releasing something worthwhile. It’s a scam.