iPhone users report deleted photos reappearing after update – turns out for Apple, delete doesn’t mean delete

Some iPhone users are reportedly seeing photos they had previously deleted resurface on their devices ever since updating to the latest version of iOS.

The user reports originate from Reddit, and it’s not just a couple of Apple users experiencing issues. By our count, 16 people who deleted their photos say they’ve come back. The deleted photos are apparently marked as recently added, making it very obvious which have made a comeback.

One user says that even photos from 2010 reappeared, and that they have “deleted them repeatedly.”

The Register was able to find a handful of instances of X users reporting the same problem.


The recent complaints were preceded by a different Reddit thread where three users reported the exact same thing happening in the beta version of iOS 17.5.


Some users previously reported disappearing photos on older versions of iOS 17, and the fix may have resulted in both accidentally and purposefully deleted photos being brought back to life.

If the issue is genuine, it wouldn’t be the first time iCloud has kept its hands on data after it was supposedly deleted, despite Apple’s emphasis on the privacy of its users. Back in 2017, iCloud was patched to fix a glitch where user browser history was retained for up to a year or so.

Source: iPhone users report deleted photos reappearing after update • The Register

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