70% of Windows 10 users haven’t turned of privacy invasion

Microsoft claims seven out of ten Windows 10 users are happy with Redmond gulping loads of telemetry from their computers – which isn’t that astounding when you realize it’s a default option.

In other words, 30 per cent of people have found the switch to turn it off, and the rest haven’t, don’t realize it’s there, or are genuinely OK with the data collection.
Essentially, if you’re on Home or Pro, you can’t tell your OS to not phone home. And, sure, this information – from lists of hardware and apps installed to pen gestures – is useful to Microsoft employees debugging code that’s running in the field. But we’re all adults here, and some folks would like the option to not have any information leaving their systems.

Source: 70% of Windows 10 users are totally happy with our big telemetry slurp, beams Microsoft

Nice spin, to say people “choose” the default option, when it isn’t a choice people actually can make!

This is why I am leaving Windows for what it is and moving to Linux Mint.

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