China stops networked vehicle data going offshore under new infosec rules

China has drafted new rules required of its autonomous and networked vehicle builders.

Data security is front and centre in the rules, with manufacturers required to store data generated by cars – and describing their drivers – within China. Data is allowed to go offshore, but only after government scrutiny.

Manufacturers are also required to name a chief of network security, who gets the job of ensuring autonomous vehicles can’t fall victim to cyber attacks. Made-in-China auto-autos are also required to be monitored to detect security issues.

Over-the-air upgrades are another requirement, with vehicle owners to be offered verbose information about the purpose of software updates, the time required to install them, and the status of upgrades.

Behind the wheel, drivers must be informed about the vehicle’s capabilities and the responsibilities that rest on their human shoulders. All autonomous vehicles will be required to detect when a driver’s hands leave the wheel, and to detect when it’s best to cede control to a human.

If an autonomous vehicle’s guidance systems fail, it must be able to hand back control.


Source: China stops networked vehicle data going offshore under new infosec rules • The Register

And again China is doing what the EU and US should be doing to a certain extent.

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