China’s cyberspace regulator details data export rules


The Cyberspace Administration of China’s (CAC) policy was first floated in October 2021 and requires businesses that transfer data offshore to conduct a security review. The requirements kick in when an organization transfers data describing more than 100,000 individuals, or information about critical infrastructure – including that related to communications, finance and transportation. Sensitive data such as fingerprints also trigger the requirement, at a threshold of 10,000 sets of prints.

A Thursday announcement added a detail to the policy: the cutoff date after which the CAC will start counting towards the 100,000 and 10,000 thresholds. Oddly, that date is January 1 … of 2021.

A state official explained in Chinese state-owned media on Thursday that the efforts were necessary due to the digital economy expanding cross-border data activities, and that differences in international legal systems have increased data export security risks, thereby affecting national security and social interest.

The official detailed that the security review should occur prior to signing a contract that includes exporting data overseas. Any approved data export will be valid for two years, at which point the entity must apply again.


Source: China’s cyberspace regulator details data export rules • The Register

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