Companies are recording your conversations whilst you are on hold with them

Is Achmea or customer service putting you on hold? Then everything you say can still be heard by some of their employees. This is evident from research by Radar.

When you call customer service, you often hear: “Please note: this conversation may be recorded for training purposes.” Nothing special. But if you call the insurer Zilveren Kruis, you will also hear: “Note: Even if you are on hold, our quality employees can hear what you are saying.”

Striking, because the Dutch Data Protection Authority states that recording customers ‘on hold’ is not allowed. Companies are allowed to record the conversation, for example to conclude a contract or to improve the service.

Both mortgage provider Woonfonds and insurers Zilveren Kruis, De Friesland and Interpolis confirm that the recording tape continues to run if you are on hold with them, while this violates privacy rules. also continues to eavesdrop on you while you are on hold, the webshop confirms. She also gives the same reason for this: “It is technically not possible to temporarily stop the recording and start it again when the conversation starts again.”KLM, Ziggo, Eneco, Vattenfall, T-Mobile, Nationale Nederlanden, ASR, ING and Rabobank say they don’t answer their customers while they are on hold.

Source: Diverse bedrijven waaronder nemen gesprekken ‘in de wacht’ op – Emerce

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