Dutch ING Bank wants to use customer payment data for direct marketing, privacy watchdog says NO! whilst Dutch Gov wants more banking data sharing with everyone!

The authority on personal data has reprimanded the ING Bank over plans to use payment data for advertising. The authority has told other banks to examine their policies for direct marketing. ING Bank recently changed their privacy statement, stating that the bank will use payment data for direct marketing offers. As an example they said being able to offer specific product offers after child support payments had come in. Many ING customers caught this and emailed and called the authority about this angrily.

This is the second time the ING has tried this: in 2014 they tried to do this, but then also sharing the payment data with third parties.

Source: AP: Banken mogen betaalgegevens niet zomaar gebruiken voor reclame – Emerce

In the meantime, the Dutch government is trying to find a way to prohibit cash payments of over EUR 3000,- and insiduously in the same law allowing banks and government to share client banking data more easily.

source: Kabinet gaat contante betaling boven de 3000 euro verbieden

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