Dutch privacy watchdog SDBN sues twitter for collecting and selling data via Mohub (wordfeud, duolingo, etc) without notifying users

The Dutch Data Protection Foundation (SDBN) wants to enforce a mass claim for 11 million people through the courts against social media company X, the former Twitter. Between 2013 and 2021, that company owned the advertising platform MoPub, which, according to the privacy foundation, illegally traded in data from users of more than 30,000 free apps such as Wordfeud, Buienradar and Duolingo.

SDBN has been trying to reach an agreement with X since November last year, but according to the foundation, without success. That is why SDBN is now starting a lawsuit at the Rotterdam court. Central to this is MoPub’s handling of personal data such as religious beliefs, sexual orientation and health. In addition to compensation, SDBN wants this data to be destroyed.

The foundation also believes that users are entitled to profit contributions. A lot of money can be made by sharing personal data with thousands of companies, says SDBN chairman Anouk Ruhaak. Although she says it is difficult to find out exactly which companies had access to the data. “By holding X. Corp liable, we hope not only to obtain compensation for all victims, but also to put a stop to this type of practice,” said Ruhaak. “Unfortunately, these types of companies often only listen when it hurts financially.”

Source: De Ondernemer | Privacystichting SDBN wil via rechter massaclaim bijā€¦

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