European Commission broke data protection law with Microsoft Office 365 – duh

The European Commission has been reprimanded for infringing data protection regulations when using Microsoft 365.

The rebuke came from the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) and is the culmination of an investigation that kicked off in May 2021, following the Schrems II judgement.

According to the EDPS, the EC infringed several data protection regulations, including rules around transferring personal data outside the EU / European Economic Area (EEA.)

According to the organization, “In particular, the Commission has failed to provide appropriate safeguards to ensure that personal data transferred outside the EU/EEA are afforded an essentially equivalent level of protection as guaranteed in the EU/EEA.

“Furthermore, in its contract with Microsoft, the Commission did not sufficiently specify what types of personal data are to be collected and for which explicit and specified purposes when using Microsoft 365.”

While the concerns are more about EU institutions and transparency, they should also serve as notice to any company doing business in the EU / EEA to take a very close look at how it has configured Microsoft 365 regarding the EU Data Protection Regulations.


Source: European Commission broke data protection law with Microsoft • The Register

Who knew? An American Company running an American cloud product on American Servers and the EU was putting it’s data on it. Who would have thought that might end up in America?!

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