Fitbit accounts are being replaced by Google accounts

New Fitbit users will be required to sign-up with a Google account, from next year, while it also appears one will be needed to access some of the new features in years to come.

Google has been slowly integrating Fitbit into the fold since buying the company back in November 2019. Indeed, the latest products are now known as “Fitbit by Google”. However, as it currently stands, device owners have been able to maintain separate accounts for Google and Fitbit accounts.

Google has now revealed it is bringing Google Accounts to Fitbit in 2023, enabling a single login for both services. From that point on, all new sign ups will be through Google. Fitbit accounts will only be supported until 2025.

From that point on, a Google account will be the only way to go. To aid the transition, once the introduction of Google accounts begins, it’ll be possible to move existing devices over while maintaining all of the recorded data.


“We’ll be transparent with our customers about the timeline for ending Fitbit accounts through notices within the Fitbit app, by email, and in help articles.”

Whether that will be enough to assuage the concerns of the Fitbit user base – who didn’t have a say on whether Google bought their personal fitness data – remains to be seen.

Source: Fitbit accounts are being replaced by Google accounts | Trusted Reviews

So wonderful cloud – first of all, why should this data go to the cloud anyway? Second, you thought you were giving it to one provider but it turns out you’re giving it to another with no opt-out other than trashing an expensive piece of hardware.

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