Once again, Google has rankled privacy-focused people with a product change that appears to limit users’ options. It’s easy to miss the fact that you’re automatically being logged-in to Chrome if you’re not paying attention.

Chrome 69 released to users on September 5, and you likely noticed that it has a different look. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to log in to the browser with your Google account, you may have missed the fact that it happens automatically when you sign-in to a Google service like Gmail. Previously, users were allowed to keep those logins separate. Members of the message board Hacker News noticed the change relatively quickly and over the weekend, several developers called attention to it.


If you want to disable the forced login, a user on Hacker News points out a workaround that could change at any time. Copy and paste this text into your browser’s address bar: chrome://flags/#account-consistency. Then disable the option labeled, “Identity consistency between browser and cookie jar,” and restart your browser. Go to this link to ensure that your Sync settings are configured the way you like them. For now, you have a choice, but it shouldn’t be so difficult or obscure.

Source: Google Chrome Is Now Quietly Forcing You to Log In—Here’s What to Do About It