How to Stop Apps From Listening in on Your TV Habits (it turns out thousands are)

That innocent-looking mobile game you just downloaded might just have an ulterior motive. Behind the scenes, hundreds of different apps could be using your smartphone’s microphone to figure out what you watch on TV, a new report from The New York Times reveals.
All of these apps need to get your permission before they can record in the background. So the easiest way is just to deny that permission. However, it’s possible that you might approved the request without realizing it, or your kid might do it while playing with your phone. In that case, switching it off is pretty easy.

Just head into Settings on your device and check the permissions for the app in question. If the app has microphone access when it doesn’t need to (why would a bowling game need to use your microphone?), just toggle that permission off.

Source: How to Stop Apps From Listening in on Your TV Habits

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