The Digital Identity Wallet approved by parliament and council

On the 28th February, The European Parliament gave its final approval to the Digital Identity Regulation, with 335 votes to 190, with 31 abstentions. It was adopted by the EU Council of Ministers on 26th of March. The next step will be its publication in the Official Journal and its entry into force 20 days later.

The regulation introduces the EU Digital Identity Wallet, which will allow citizens to identify and authenticate themselves online to a range of public and private services, as well as store and share digital documents. Wallet users will also be able to create free digital signatures.

The EU Digital Identity Wallet will be used on a voluntary basis, and no one can be discriminated against for not using the wallet. The wallet will be open-source, to further encourage transparency, innovation, and enhance security.

Find out more about the history of the regulation and the project here.

Open-source code and new version of the ARF released for public feedback.

The open-source code of the EU Digital Identity Wallet, and the latest version of the Architecture and Reference Framework (ARF) are now available on our Github.

Version 1.3 of the ARF is now available to the public, to gather feedback before its adoption by the expert group. The ARF outlines how wallets distributed by Member States will function and contains a high level overview of the standards and practices that are needed to build the wallet.

The open-source code of the wallet (also referred to as the reference implementation) is built on the specifications outlined in the ARF. It is based on a modular architecture composed of a set of business agnostic, reusable components which will evolve in incremental steps and can be reused across multiple projects.


Large Scale Pilot projects are currently test driving the many use cases of the EU Digital Identity Wallet in the real world.

Discover the Large Scale Pilots

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This is an immensely complex project which is very very important to get right. I am very curious if they did.

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