The EU wants to criminalize AI-generated deepfakes and the non-consensual sending of intimate images

[…] the European Council and Parliament have agreed with the proposal to criminalize, among other things, different types of cyber-violence. The proposed rules will criminalize the non-consensual sharing of intimate images, including deepfakes made by AI tools, which could help deter revenge porn. Cyber-stalking, online harassment, misogynous hate speech and “cyber-flashing,” or the sending of unsolicited nudes, will also be recognized as criminal offenses.

The commission says that having a directive for the whole European Union that specifically addresses those particular acts will help victims in Member States that haven’t criminalized them yet. “This is an urgent issue to address, given the exponential spread and dramatic impact of violence online,” it wrote in its announcement.


In its reporting, Politico suggested that the recent spread of pornographic deepfake images using Taylor Swift’s face urged EU officials to move forward with the proposal.


“The final law is also pending adoption in Council and European Parliament,” the EU Council said. According to Politico, if all goes well and the bill becomes a law soon, EU states will have until 2027 to enforce the new rules.

Source: The EU wants to criminalize AI-generated porn images and deepfakes

The original article has a seriously misleading title, I guess for clickbait.

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