Russia arrests in absentia former world chess champion Garry Kasparov on foreign agent and terrorist charges

Russia has arrested Garry Kasparov and charged him in connection with foreign agent and terrorist charges – much to the former chess champion’s amusement.

The city court in Syktyvkar, the largest city in Russia‘s northwestern Komi region, announced it had arrested the grandmaster in absentia alongside former Russian parliament member Gennady Gudkov, Ivan Tyutrin co-founder of the Free Russia Forum – which has been designated as an ‘undesirable organisation in the country – as well as former environmental activist Yevgenia Chirikova.

All were charged with setting up a terrorist society, according to the court’s press service. As all were charged in their absence, none were physically held in custody.


Kasparov responded to the court’s bizarre arrest statement in an April 24 post shared on X, formerly Twitter. “In absentia is definitely the best way I’ve ever been arrested,” he said. “Good company, as well. I’m sure we’re all equally honoured that Putin’s terror state is spending time on this that would otherwise go persecuting and murdering.”

Kasparov has found himself in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s firing line after he voiced his opposition to the country’s leader. He has also pursued pro-democracy initiatives in Russia. But he felt unable to continue living in Russia after he was jailed and allegedly beaten by police in 2012, according to the Guardian. He was granted Croatian citizenship in 2014 following repeated difficulties in Russia.


Source: Russia arrests former world chess champion Garry Kasparov on foreign agent and terrorist charges – World News – Mirror Online

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