Texas Bill Would Make ISPs censor any abortion information

Last week, Texas introduced a bill that would make it illegal for internet service providers to let users access information about how to get abortion pills. The bill, called the Women and Child Safety Act, would also criminalize creating, editing, or hosting a website that helps people seek abortions.

If the bill passes, internet service providers (ISPs) will be forced to block websites “operated by or on behalf of an abortion provider or abortion fund.” ISPs would also have to filter any website that helps people who “provide or aid or abet elective abortions” in almost any way, including raising money.


Five years ago, a bill like this would violate federal law. Remember Net Neutrality? Net Neutrality forced ISPs to act like phone companies, treating all traffic the same with almost no ability to limit or filter the content traveling on their networks. But Net Neutrality was repealed in 2018, essentially reclassifying internet service as a luxury with little regulator oversight, and upending consumers’ right to free access of the web.


Source: Texas Bill Would Bar ISPs From Hosting Abortion Websites, Info

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