Your Edge Browser Installed Microsoft Office Without Asking. NO!

Edge Chromium started out as a respectable alternative to Google Chrome on Windows, but it didn’t take long for Microsoft to turn it into a nuisance. To top it off, it looks like Edge is now a vector for installing (even more) Microsoft stuff on your PC—without you asking for it, of course.

We don’t like bloatware, or those pre-installed apps that come on your computer or smartphone. Some of these apps are worthwhile, but most just take up space and can’t be fully removed in some cases. Some companies are worse about bloatware than others, but Microsoft is notorious for slipping extra software into Windows. And now, Windows Insiders testing the most recent Edge Chromium preview caught the browser installing Microsoft Office web apps without permission.

The reports have only come from Windows Insiders so far, but it’s unlikely these backdoor installations are an early-release bug. And this isn’t just a Microsoft problem. For example, Chrome can install Google Docs and other G Suite apps without any notification, too.

Source: Why Your Edge Browser Installed Microsoft Office Without Asking

Please don’t EVER install stuff on my computer without asking! I paid for the OS, I didn’t ask for a SaaS.

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