300 Dutch customers fell for fake popular website ring. Perps picked up and given a few months of prison time.

BCC and MediaMarkt are large electronics stores in NL. Ziggo is a large internet ISP. By linking to fake pages through marktplaats.nl (the Dutch ebay / Craigslist equivalent) people were able to shop for products on the fake sites, which were never delivered. Using a chat interface, the crims tried to gain access to the bank accounts of the marks. It very much surprises me that this kind of fraud only results in a few months in jail.

Een aantal mannen heeft voor grootschalige internetoplichting elk diverse maanden gevangenisstraf gekregen. Zij verdienden vooral aan namaakwebshops van onder meer BCC, MediaMarkt en Ziggo.

Source: Gevangenisstraf voor internetoplichting – Emerce

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