Buy one of 70K hacked servers from $6, get control kit with it

Researchers have uncovered an underground marketplace selling information on over 70,000 compromised servers based around the globe.

Russia-based Kaspersky Lab has revealed today that the online forum, named xDedic, seems to be operated by a Russian-speaking organisation and allows hackers to pay for undetectable access to a wide range of servers, including those owned by government, corporate and academic groups in more than 170 countries. XDedic takes a 5% fee for all funds placed into its trading accounts.

Access to a compromised server can be bought for as little as $6 (approx. £4). The kit comes with relevant software to instruct on launching denial-of-service attacks and spam campaigns on the targeted network, as well as allowing criminals to illegally produce bitcoin and breach online systems, such as retail payment platforms.

With an upgrade to $7 cybercriminals can gain access to government-based servers, including systems in interior and foreign ministries, commerce departments and local councils. Paying up to $15, can allow a hacker access to high-capacity network connections, explained Costin Raiu, director of Kaspersky’s research and analysis unit

Source: Online marketplace sells hackers access to breached servers

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