Citrix urges “immediate” patching as exploit POC

Citrix has urged admins to “immediately” apply a fix for CVE-2023-4966, a critical information disclosure bug that affects NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway, admitting it has been exploited.

Plus, there’s a proof-of-concept exploit, dubbed Citrix Bleed, now on GitHub. So if you are using an affected build, at this point assume you’ve been compromised, apply the update, and then kill all active sessions per Citrix’s advice from Monday.

The company’s first issued a patch for compromised devices on October 10, and last week Mandiant warned that criminals — most likely cyberspies — have been abusing this hole to hijack authentication sessions and steal corporate info since at least late August.


Also last week, Mandiant Consulting CTO Charles Carmakal warned that “organizations need to do more than just apply the patch — they should also terminate all active sessions. These authenticated sessions will persist after the update to mitigate CVE-2023-4966 has been deployed.”

Citrix, in the Monday blog, also echoed this mitigation advice and told customers to kill all active and persistent sessions using the following commands:

kill icaconnection -all

kill rdp connection -all

kill pcoipConnection -all

kill aaa session -all

clear lb persistentSessions


Source: Citrix urges “immediate” patching as exploit POC • The Register

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