Cybercrime Group Has Hacked Telecoms All Over the World since at least 2016

[…]A hacker gang, […] has been infiltrating telecoms throughout the world to steal phone records, text messages, and associated metadata directly from carrier users.

That’s according to a new report from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, which published a technical analysis of the mysterious group’s hacking campaign on Tuesday. The report, which goes into a significant amount of detail, shows that the hackers behind the campaign have managed to infiltrate 13 different global telecoms in the span of just two years.

Researchers say that the group, which has been active since 2016, uses highly sophisticated hacking techniques and customized malware to infiltrate and embed within networks. Reuters reports that this has included exfiltrating “calling records and text messages” directly from carriers. Earlier research on the group suggests it has also been known to target managed service providers as an entry point into specific industries—such as finance and consulting.[…]

Source: Cybercrime Group Has Been Hacked Telecoms All Over the World

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