DDOS attack takes down NL provinces and government organizations’ websites

Various websites of provinces and government organizations were down on Monday due to a DDOS attack. At the moment, the website of the Province of North Holland is still unavailable or unavailable again.

The websites of the provinces of Groningen, Overijssel and North Brabant were also down for some time.

The sites of the Senate and the ports of Amsterdam and Den Helder were also bombarded.

According to FalconFeeds, a cyber threat intelligence platform, the DDoS attack was claimed by pro-Russian hacker group NoName05716. The attack is said to be in retaliation for the Dutch decision to give F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

More than a year ago, the province of North Holland was also the victim of a DDoS attack for some time.

Thanks to a temporary solution, the Groningen site is working again and subsidies and permits can also be applied for.

Research is still underway into the cause and possible consequences of this DDoS attack.

Source: DDOS aanval legt websites provincies en overheidsorganisaties plat – Emerce

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