Dutch Hacker informs Jailbroken iPhones that they’re insecure

Fantastic – this guy port scans the T-Mobile range and finds the jailbroken iphones on the network, then SSH’s in using the default password and blips a message to the iphone telling the user the iphone has been hacked. Users can find out how to close the hole by visiting a website and paying EUR. 5,- using Paypal. He states that users don’t have to pay and he won’t do anything bad to them, so it isn’t exactly ransom.

What’s the hole? Most idiots who jailbreak fail to change the default root password. Duh!

Dutch Hacker Holds Jailbroken iPhones Hostage For €5 Ransom While Exposing Security Vulnerability – Iphone jailbreak hack – Gizmodo.

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