European ISPs report mysterious wave of DDoS attacks

More than a dozen internet service providers (ISPs) across Europe have reported DDoS attacks that targeted their DNS infrastructure.

The list of ISPs that suffered attacks over the past week includes Belgium’s EDP, France’s Bouygues TélécomFDNK-netSFR, and the Netherlands’, Signet, and

Attacks lasted no longer than a day and were all eventually mitigated, but ISP services were down while the DDoS was active.

NBIP, a non-profit founded by Dutch ISPs to collectively fight DDoS attacks and government wiretapping attempts, provided ZDNet with additional insights into the past week’s incidents.

“Multiple attacks were aimed towards routers and DNS infrastructure of Benelux based ISPs,” a spokesperson said. “Most of [the attacks] were DNS amplification and LDAP-type of attacks.”

“Some of the attacks took longer than 4 hours and hit close to 300Gbit/s in volume,” NBIB said.


Source: European ISPs report mysterious wave of DDoS attacks | ZDNet

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