Find you: an airtag which Apple can’t find in unwanted tracking


In one exemplary stalking case, a fashion and fitness model discovered an AirTag in her coat pocket after having received a tracking warning notification from her iPhone. Other times, AirTags were placed in expensive cars or motorbikes to track them from parking spots to their owner’s home, where they were then stolen.

On February 10, Apple addressed this by publishing a news statement titled “An update on AirTag and unwanted tracking” in which they describe the way they are currently trying to prevent AirTags and the Find My network from being misused and what they have planned for the future.


Apple needs to incorporate non-genuine AirTags into their threat model, thus implementing security and anti-stalking features into the Find My protocol and ecosystem instead of in the AirTag itself, which can run modified firmware or not be an AirTag at all (Apple devices currently have no way to distinguish genuine AirTags from clones via Bluetooth).

The source code used for the experiment can be found here.

Edit: I have been made aware of a research paper titled “Who Tracks the Trackers?” (from November 2021) that also discusses this idea and includes more experiments. Make sure to check it out as well if you’re interested in the topic!


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