Finnish diplomats were targeted by NSO Pegasus spyware

Finland’s government says the mobile devices of its diplomats have been hacked using Pegasus spyware.

The Finnish foreign ministry stated on Friday that some of its officials abroad had been targeted by the sophisticated software.

“The highly sophisticated malware has infected users’ Apple or Android telephones without their noticing and without any action from the user’s part,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“Through the spyware, the perpetrators may have been able to harvest data from the device and exploit its features.”


NSO says it only sells Pegasus to governments for the purpose of fighting crime and terrorism.

But an investigation last year revealed that the spyware had been used to target journalists, activists and politicians in a number of countries — including France, Spain, and Hungary.

A recent Citizen Lab report also found that critics of Poland’s right-wing government were hacked using Pegasus.


Source: Finnish diplomats were targeted by Pegasus spyware, says foreign ministry | Euronews

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