Hacker uses bots to top music charts, earn royalties without being able to make music

A Melbourne security professional has sent ear-piercing ‘garbage’ tunes to the top of online music charts by spoofing track plays.

Despite that Peter Filimore (@typhoonfilsy) has never played an instrument, in a month he accrued hundreds of thousands of plays for his tunes hosted in online music charts, trumping artists like P!nk, Nicki Minaj, Flume and chart topper album The Heist and making $1000 in royalties in the process.

Hacker uses bots to top music charts, bumps P!nk, Nicki Minaj – Networks – SC Magazine Australia – Secure Business Intelligence.

Not only that, but he’s thought of a way to use his technique to bump rival artists off the services entirely as a DDoS.

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