Metasploit hwbridge connects to your car

We recently announced a new addition to Metasploit to help you do exactly that: the Hardware Bridge API. The Hardware Bridge API extends Metasploit’s capabilities into the physical world of hardware devices. Much in the same way that the Metasploit framework helped unify tools and exploits for networks and software, the Hardware Bridge looks to do the same for all types of hardware. From within Metasploit you can now branch out into a Metasploit compatible hardware device to remotely control and use it for your penetration testing needs.
If your device supports CAN, Metasploit will automatically provide several interactive vehicle-related commands. This will also mark your Hardware Bridge (HWBridge) session as an Automotive session that can be viewed in your session list or via modules that are designed to work only on automotive systems. This allows exploit developers to focus on writing automotive tools without having to worry about the attached hardware. It also provides internal Metasploit APIs to make common automotive calls easier, such as getting the vehicle speed or requesting a security access token from the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

Source: Exiting the Matrix: Introducing Metasploit’s Ha… | Rapid7 Community and Blog

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