MGM Resorts’ 142m person customer data now leaked on Telegram for free

Miscreants have dumped on Telegram more than 142 million customer records stolen from MGM Resorts, exposing names, postal and email addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth for any would-be identity thief.

The vpnMentor research team stumbled upon the files, which totaled 8.7 GB of data, on the messaging platform earlier this week, and noted that they “assume at least 30 million people had some of their data leaked.” MGM Resorts, a hotel and casino chain, did not respond to The Register‘s request for comment.

The researchers reckon this information is linked to the theft of millions of guest records, which included the details of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and pop star Justin Bieber, from MGM Resorts in 2019 that was subsequently distributed via underground forums.

But while crooks initially sold those 142 million records on a dark-web marketplace for about $3,000 as a packaged deal, this time the data is freely available on Telegram, which vpnMentor rightly describes as “much more accessible for even the least tech-savvy people.”

Perhaps the recent takedown of stolen-data market RaidForums and the Hydra dark-web souk has something to do with this? Or that the info is no longer worth selling, or no one’s interested in buying it, perhaps.

According to the VPN services company, the data dumped on Telegram includes the following customer information from before 2017:

  • Full names
  • Postal addresses
  • Over 24 million unique email addresses
  • Over 30 million unique phone numbers
  • Dates of birth


Source: MGM Resorts’ customer data now leaked on Telegram for free • The Register

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