Nissan Canada Finance hacked, up to 1.1m Canucks exposed

Nissan Canada’s vehicle-financing wing has been hacked, putting personal information on as many as 1.13 million customers in the hands of miscreants.
According to Nissan Canada, the exposed data includes at least customer names, addresses, vehicle makes and models, vehicle identification numbers (VINs), credit scores, loan amounts and monthly payment figures.

“We are still investigating precisely what personal information has been impacted,” the biz said, adding that it was working with the cops and infosec experts to work out what the heck happened. “At this time, there is no indication that customers who financed vehicles outside of Canada are affected.”

Nissan Canada admitted it discovered on Monday, December 11, that it had been hacked, and alerted the world, er, 10 days later.

Source: Braking news: Nissan Canada hacked, up to 1.1m Canucks exposed • The Register