Paramount Parent Was Hacked Christmas 2022, Told Customers a Year Later

The parent company that owns a controlling stake in Paramount, CBS, and thousands of theaters across the U.S. got hacked late last year, but it took them a full trip around the sun to let any of the tens of thousands of impacted customers know that their data was potentially compromised.

The massive entertainment conglomerate National Amusements relayed a few scant details of the hack to the Maine Attorney General, as first reported by TechCrunch. A total of 82,128 people were impacted by the breach, though it remains unclear how many of the victims were customers or National Amusements employees. In a letter sent to those impacted describing the breach, the company said an “unauthorized individual” accessed the company network on Dec. 13, 2022, and the company became aware of that intrusion two days later.


Under Maine law, companies are required to share details of data breaches when users’ personal information is stolen. The law also mandates companies conduct a full investigation of the breach and submit that information to the state. Paramount Global claims it suffered a security breach this past August according to another notice as identified by TechCrunch. The letter, dated August 11, says that an unauthorized party hacked into the company’s systems between May and June this year and made off with some users’ personal information.


Source: Paramount Parent Was Hacked Last Christmas, Told Customers a Year Later

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