Report: Russian Cyber Spies Recently Hacked the RNC

According to a new investigation from Bloomberg, cyber spies connected to the Russian government recently hacked into the Republican National Committee—though the RNC has denied that their systems were breached in this way.

According to Bloomberg, the hacker group known as “Cozy Bear”—thought to be connected to Russia’s intelligence service, the SVR—conducted the intrusion, though it’s not clear what they viewed or whether they stole any data. The hackers are believed to have gained entry to the RNC’s networks through one of its IT providers, a company called Synnex Corp.

The incident occurred this past 4th of July weekend—around the same time that a cybercriminal group was launching a massive ransomware attack on American IT firm Kaseya, the damage from which is still being assessed. The Russian cybercriminal group REvil has claimed responsibility for that attack.

A notorious threat actor, Cozy Bear has been blamed for large parts of the “SolarWinds” hack, the likes of which compromised close to a dozen federal agencies and droves of American businesses. The group, which also goes by its technical designation APT 29, has also been accused of hacking the Democratic National Committee in the past.


Source: Report: Russian Cyber Spies Recently Hacked the RNC

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