Ticketfly exposes data on 27m customers in hack

  • Ticketfly was the target of a malicious cyber attack last week
  • In consultation with third-party forensic cybersecurity experts we can now confirm that credit and debit card information was not accessed.
  • However, information including names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers connected to approximately 27 million Ticketfly accounts was accessed. It’s important to note that many people purchase tickets with multiple email accounts, so the number of individuals impacted is likely lower.
  • We take privacy and security very seriously and upon first learning about this incident we took swift action to secure the data of our clients and fans.
  • Ticketfly.com, Ticketfly Backstage, and the vast majority of temporary venue/promoter websites are back online.

Source: Ticketfly | Ticketfly Cyber Incident Update

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