Asus NovaGo: laptop built on an ARM mobile phone processor runs Windows

A 2-in-1 Windows 10 laptop powered by a smartphone chip

The chipset behind the Asus NovaGo comes straight from smartphones, so we were into the fact that the volume and power keys are aligned along the right side of the laptop. This is shaping up to be the always-connected laptop counterpart to a smartphone in so many ways.
The Asus NovaGo presents a glimpse of an always-connected laptop future with what promises to be stellar battery life, mixed with last year’s smartphone chipset and older ports.

It has us excited for what this laptop eliminates more than it introduces. Not having to connect to unsecure Wi-Fi, setup a hotspot or worry as much about battery life is a brilliant change that makes it possible to use this laptop anyway.

Performance is the wildcard. How does Qualcomm’s smartphone chipset backed by a lot of RAM compare to laptop that have the usual Intel CPUs at the heart?

That’s going to require more testing of the Asus NovaGo in a full review coming soon.

Source: Asus NovaGo hands on review | TechRadar

And no leaky backdoor installed in the form of Intel management engine