Canon TS6050 – the printer to not get

Having been very happy about my old Canon printer, I decided to get another one when it died after four years of trusted service. This one is absolutely horrific. It started off with difficulties connecting via WiFi. The amount of paper jams I have is around 1 page printed to 1 page jammed. The scanner can’t remember if you want to scan a PDF or a PNG and defaults to PNG. Scans are unceremoniously dumped into the Documents folder. When you open the lid to change pages to scan, you are as likely to open the ink drawer. Occassionaly the printer decides to forget what type of paper is in the drawer and asks you to register the paper type (it has never been anything BUT A4!). Sometimes it just randomly prints off blank pages. Because it feels like it. A true frustration, getting behind this damn thing.

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