CyberPowerPC case uses Kinetic Architecture to adjust airflow in real-time


Kinetic Architecture is a concept on which buildings are designed to allow parts of the structure to move. CyberPowerPC took this idea and created a KINETIC chassis with 18 individually controlled articulating vents that open and close automatically, all based on the computer’s current internal ambient temperatures.

“We are entering 2022 with some of our most sophisticated and elegant designs ever. For discriminating gamers our PC Master Builders are ready to hand-build and test new gaming PCs that are ultra-clean, streamlined, and deliver maximum performance for those who want something truly unique.”

Eric Cheung, CyberPowerPC CEO

The vents aren’t a simple case of opening and closing either and adjust based on every degree of internal temperature by opening to varying degrees. Users can customize and adjust the temperature ranges as well, and a quick button will allow you to fully open or close the vents instantly. The KINETIC chassis supports full ATX size motherboards, up to seven 120mm or five 140mm fans, and most extended length graphics cards.

Key features of the CyberPowerPC KINETIC chassis include:

  • CyberPowerPC exclusive patent pending kinetic design.
  • 18 Individually actuating vents that adjust in real time to ambient case temperatures.
  • Maximizes airflow and cooling case temps are high.
  • Reduces noise and dust when case temps are low.
  • Temperature sensor ranges can be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • Available in both black and white mid-tower options.

The CyberPowerPC KINETIC Series PC case will ship in Q3 2022 from and CyberPowerPC’s network of authorized retailers and distributors. The chassis is backed by a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support. The suggested MSRP is US$249.


Source: [CES 2022] CyberPowerPC case uses Kinetic Architecture to adjust airflow in real-time

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