Oculus Quest VR Goggles Becomes a Paperweight When Facebook Goes Down

When Facebook went down yesterday for nearly six hours, so did Oculus’ services. Since Facebook owns VR headset maker Oculus, and controversially requires Oculus Quest users to log in with a Facebook account, many Quest owners reported not being able to load their Oculus libraries. “[A]nd those who just took a Quest 2 out of the box have reported that they’re unable to complete the initial setup,” adds PCGamer. As VRFocus points out, “the issue has raised another important question relating to Oculus’ services being so closely linked with a Facebook account, your Oculus Quest/Quest 2 is essentially bricked until services resume.” From the report: This vividly highlights the problem with having to connect to Facebook’s services to gain access to apps — the WiFi connection was fine. Even all the ones downloaded and taking up actual storage space didn’t show up. It’s why some VR fans began boycotting the company when it made all mandatory that all Oculus Quest 2’s had to be affiliated with a Facebook account. If you want to unlink your Facebook account from Oculus Quest and don’t want to pay extra for that ability, you’re in luck thanks to a sideloadable tool called “Oculess.” From an UploadVR article published earlier today: You still need a Facebook account to set up the device in the first place and you need to give Facebook a phone number or card details to sideload, but after that you could use Oculess to forgo Facebook entirely — just remember to never factory reset. The catch is you’ll lose access to Oculus Store apps because the entitlement check used upon launching them will no longer function. System apps like Oculus TV and Browser will also no longer launch, and casting won’t work. You can still sideload hundreds of apps from SideQuest though, and if you want to keep browsing the web in VR you can sideload Firefox Reality. You can still use Oculus Link to play PC VR content, but only if you stay signed into Facebook on the Oculus PC app. Virtual Desktop won’t work because it’s a store app, but you can sideload free alternatives such as ALVR.

To use Oculess, just download it from GitHub and sideload it using SideQuest or Oculus Developer Hub, then launch it from inside VR. If your Quest isn’t already in developer mode or you don’t know how to sideload you can follow our guide here.

Source: Oculus Quest Becomes a Paperweight When Facebook Goes Down – Slashdot

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