Bruce Campbell Announces “Bruce-O-Rama” 22-City Tour – US only :'(

Bruce Campbell may not be appearing in Evil Dead Rise (though the once and forever Ash Williams is producing the movie, which hits theaters in April), but the much-loved horror icon is still finding a way to interact with the masses this spring: “Bruce-O-Rama,” an evening of entertainment hitting up 22 cities nationwide.

A favorite at comic and horror conventions—he’s charming as hell, and he truly appreciates his fans—Campbell’s jaunt starts April 5 in Greenville, South Carolina, hitting venues mostly around the East Coast and Midwest. The event is described by a press release as “a two-part evening of indulgent fun;” it will feature an installment of the Campbell-hosted interactive game show Last Fan Standing, which quizzes the audience on trivia “about the things that really matter: fantasy, horror, sci-fi, superheroes, and gaming.” That tracks. Then, Campbell will introduce “a cult film favorite he’s starred in” (no specific titles mentioned, but you could pick probably any movie on his resume that doesn’t contain the words “Spider-Man” to narrow it down), with a Q&A and “a lively half-hour of anecdotes, insults, and random cash giveaways.”

Check out all the tour dates and ticket info (including VIP tickets that get you a photo with the Chin, and at some locations, the option to get your very own chainsaw autographed by the star) at the event website here.

Source: Bruce Campbell Announces “Bruce-O-Rama” 22-City Tour

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