Blimp-like inflatable wind turbine tested at high altitude

The 10-metre wide, helium-filled inflatable turbine, called the Airborne Wind Turbine (AWT), was sent up into the sky more than 100 metres above ground, where stronger winds can be found. The prototype was also used to lift the top-selling Southwest Skystream turbine, which was able to produce more than twice the power at high altitude that was generated at conventional tower height.

Altaeros aims to harness the stronger winds found more than 300 metres in the air with the use of helium-filled inflatable devices that can be quickly installed or taken down. In the short term, Altaeros wants to provide an alternative to diesel generators, but in the long term it wants to scale up the technology to reduce costs in the offshore wind market.

Blimp-like inflatable wind turbine tested at high altitude (Wired UK).

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