Flaris’s New LAR-01 May Be World’s Fastest Single-Engine Business Jet, can land on grass fields – at only $1.5m

The Flaris LAR-01 has a number of striking stats, including being a ton lighter (literally) than its competitors, along with an unusually short-field landing capability, and detachable wings. But its most impressive number is the 250-knot true air speed,


Garmin G600 avionics and Flaris Flight Assistance System flight computer, as well as the landing gear and emergency parachute system. But it also claims more impressive stats like the 250-knot TSA at 10,000 feet. Its 6,000-feet-per-minute climb rate, adds the company, is equal to combat-trainer aircraft. Oh, and the required length of the runway for takeoff is just 650 feet


It is able to transport four people to a distance of 1,550 miles in less than 3.5 hours


Accommodating a pilot and four passengers, the LAR-01 has a 4,078-pound maximum takeoff weight, with a service ceiling of 46,000 feet. Its expected range is 1,350 nautical miles. Flaris says the $1.5 million price tag as well as the fuel and operating costs will be much lower than competitors. With an empty weight of 1,543 pounds, the company added that the composite frame is a ton lighter than other VLJ-class aircraft.

Behind the stats is a cool-looking design with a “car-like cabin” that offers good headroom and large windows with a Garmin G600 avionics suite. A parachute is designed into the jet’s nose area. Measuring 28’6” across, the semi-elliptical wings are built for both high speeds and a 62-knot stall.

Flaris is attempting to move beyond a traditional light jet, noting the LAR-01 can take off from grass airstrips and short airfields, and the wings detach, so the jet can be trailered and stored in a home garage.

Source: Flaris’s New LAR-01 May Be World’s Fastest Single-Engine Business Jet – Robb Report

Not entirely sure if detachable wings is the way forward tbh…

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