Rolls-Royce won’t let customers buy another car if they sell its new EV for a profit

The first Rolls-Royce EV, the Spectre, is going on sale soon at a cool $425,000 — and at that price, purchasing slots will be limited, to say the least. But any buyers planning to flip one for a quick profit may want to think twice. CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös said that any customers attempting to resell their Spectre models for profit will be banned for life from ever buying another Rolls-Royce from official dealers, according to a report from Car Dealer.

I can tell you we are really sanitizing the need to prove who you are, what you want to do with the car – you need to qualify for a car and then you might get a slot for an order,” he said. And anyone who violates the policy and sells the Spectre for a profit is “going immediately on a blacklist and this is it – you will never ever have the chance to acquire again.”

The British, BMW-owned company isn’t the first to impose bans on flipping its vehicles. Last year, GM said it would ban buyers from flipping Hummer EVs, Corvette Z06’s and other vehicles within 12 months under the threat of limiting the transferability of certain warranties. On top of that stick, it offered a carrot in the form of $5,000 in reward points for customers who kept their eighth-generation Corvette Z06’s for at least a year.


Source: Rolls-Royce won’t let customers buy another car if they sell its new EV for a profit | Engadget

Car dealers don’t like it, but with this much demand coupled with low supply, the car dealers are really blocked out of this product range anyway.

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