Yuneec R430 Electric Aircraft

The E430 is a twin seat, single engine, LSA class aircraft designed to be simple to use, easy to fly and with virtually zero vibration, it's very smooth.

Low noise, no emissions, no fuel, extremely low maintenance and best of all. . . . . it’s environmentally friendly.

Electric flight, once seen as futuristic, has arrived and with E430’s flight times of between 1.5 and 3 hours (depending on configuration) electric flight now becomes a realistic power source for sport aviation. Charging times of 3 hours for as little as $5 make electric a really low cost way to fly and with only 2 main moving parts in the motor (the bearings) the reliability and maintenance are like nothing seen before.

Add to that the delight of smooth, quiet powered flight or silent using its 25:1 glide ratio – the E430 is in a class of its own.

via Yuneec – Electric_Aircraft.

It’s going to be prices at under $100,000 which makes it affordable too!

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