ENVG-B – latest iteration of night vision goggles offer augmented reality, stereo vision, white lines

The ENVG-B is a helmet-mounted, dual-waveband goggle with industry-leading, fused white phosphor and thermal technologies.


Flexible 40 Field-Of-View with options of white-hot, black-hot and outline modes


Augmented Reality

Soldiers keep eyes on target without having to look down to read maps or check radios for critical information.

High-resolution goggle display

Data display includes waypoints, Blue Force tracking and battlespace imagery

Intel is shared real time, up and down echelon

Rapid Target Acquisition

Soldiers can bring weapon’s sight images into their goggle.

Soldiers can see around corners without risk of exposure

Allows soldiers to identify, assess and engage targets with greater accuracy and speed

Proven clarity even in degraded battlefield conditions


Primary use as binocular with monocular option to provide dominant or non-dominant eye relief.

Simple rotation of lens into stow position changes monocular to binocular visioning

Advanced design includes low-profile stow position against helmet

Twin-tube design provides in-field protection from failure or damage

Source: ENVG-B

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