USMC leadership shows how stuck in the mud they are when they try to fling some at Secretary of the Navy

Old sad dickless USMC leadership who can’t handle working with equally competent gay men or women are trying to get rid of mr Mabus who has not only insisted on using them in combat roles if they meet the standards but also (shock! horror!) insisted on exploring alternative fuels.

One is the integration of women into Marine infantry, Navy SEALs and other direct-combat jobs by April.

“If you can meet the standards, why should it matter if you are male or female? Why should it matter if you are straight or gay?” Mabus told reporters.

The other issue was the secretary’s push toward deploying ships and planes powered by alternative fuels, including biofuels made from mustard seed, algae or animal fat.

Mabus was in Coronado on Wednesday to preside over the deployment of an aircraft carrier group that included some ships burning a 90-10 blend of petroleum and animal fat fuels.

The secretary’s biofuels initiative became controversial when it became known that a 2011 buy of biofuel cost $15 a gallon for a 50-50 blend — four times the price of regular Navy ship fuel.

“Every single time there were naysayers,” Mabus said during a speech at the launch of his “great green fleet” Wednesday.

He was describing the Navy’s long history of embracing new power sources, including oil and later nuclear energy for ships.

“They were wrong again this time.”

The tenure of Mabus, a former Democratic governor of Mississippi, has included major social changes for the U.S. military — all of which he supported.

They included the end of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” ban on openly gay service members.


These old USMC dinosours will go extinct soon, no-one will know such retarded and scared mysogonists put up a fight in a few years time.

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