The swarm is coming

These robots swarm together to achieve unified goals, based on an insect model. Check out the videos.

Piper unveils cheap new jet

For $2.2m you too can own a jet which flies 6 people! After Honda’s jet, Piper is now following in the same low cost jet strategy. When are Cessna, Bombardier and Lear going to follow suit?

Why GooTube isn’t being sued

They own a fair chunk of YouTube – and got that chunk just scant hours before the sale with Google was signed!

How to make a laser vortex

Using a laser pointer and a mirror mounted to a motor you can make cool laser vortex effects cheaply.

Google Operating System

How the Google OS works – links and articles about the ins and outs of google as well as other search engines. All the services and software provided by Google and how to use them. Interesting stuff.

New York Film Festival Shorts

The Cinematical has links to a few very good short films online.

Space elevator challenges

NASA has set up two annual competitions to spur development of space elevator technologies – one in which the robot climber has to go up the tether at a minimum speed of 1m per second and one to measure the strength of the tether itself.

When Galaxies Collide

And we get to watch it – aparently these are the best pictures we’ve had yet of the closest colliding galaxy to ours.

YouTube Tools

Ever wanted to save that YouTube video? This page lists some good YouTube tools.

US citizens claiming asylum in the UK

Last year 5 US nationals claimed asylum in the UK. There’s a lot of frustration about how failed applicants remain in the country.


This is the in depth story of how plane spotters found out about the secret CIA flights / torture taxis to detainee prisons based in Europe.

Great media campaigns

Excellent images of some very inventive marketing campaigns.

20 usefull XP hints

Interesting things you can do to improve your working experience with XP.

Google Code Search oddities

Hardly surprisingly you can find easter eggs, customer data, backdoor passwords, nerd jokes and all kinds of other information in Google Code Search.

Odd Watches

Some watches were made with surrealist imaginations. This is a list of a lot of the more collectible ones.

Fighting in Grass is nasty

Canadian troops fighting in Afghanistan are unable to track Afghans through 10m high marijuana plants. The plants themselves are wet through and through, so they can’t be burned down using phosphorus. They tried putting fire to dryer outlying parts of the forest, but the wind turned and caused unexpected consequences on a troop concentration.

Spamhaus laugs at US insolence

Some US local court thought it had the power to put down Spamhaus as a result of a countersuit by e360 Insight – basically a bunch of spammers branded as such by Spamhaus – but no-one is cooperating. Spamhaus, which is UK based, refused to recognise the court’s legitimacy and ignored the whole proceedings. ICANN is refusing to pull the domain stating it’s the responsibility of the registrar (Tucows) who, being Canadian, don’t have to listen to US courts either. Aside from the Spamhaus service being widely used and an important contributor to killing spam, who does this US court think it is exactly?

Tweel – a lame name for a cool concept

Michelin has invented the rather stupidly named ‘tweel’ – a wheel without air in it. The video in the link shows how it is mounted under a car, and has a few other applications for it as well.

The airless wheel might take a bit of getting used to, but it helps with suspension, simplifies the tyre by not needing air and a vent, damage to sidewalls becomes a non factor and no worries about whether the tyre is at the right pressure.

Need a new desk for gaming?

This looks like it’ll handle it. Only $500,-. Ouch

Smacking kids is good for them

Putting paid to all those namby pambies who find smacking children cruel, a 32 year running study has shown that children that were smacked on the butt, arms or legs with an open hand do better in society than kids that weren’t smacked.

Out of body experiences

Can be caused by zapping parts of the brain with electricity.

Colour Palette Generator

This generator takes a picture and shows the colours it contains with the numerical codes.

Chinese space lasers blind US satellites

Ground based lasers from China hit lenses on US spy satellites with enough force to blind them temporarily but not enough to destroy them, the US has finally confirmed after a week or so of rumors floating around.

EU gives passenger data to evil empire

Yes, the USA will have all your passenger data. Untill June 2007, when they’ll “renegotiate”. Well done on the crumpling front, Europe.

Nuclear Holocaust

Well, the world’s media is in a buzzfuzz about North Korea’s upcoming Nuclear test ([sarcasm]who knew?![/sarcasm]), but let’s have a quick look at other nuclear states.

The USA is the only country to have ever used a nuclear weapon (ok, two of them) in anger on another nation.
France, Russia, Great Britain and China (with the US the five permanent members of the UN Security Council) are all nuclear, but have never used them.
There are several countries with access to nukes but don’t technically own them (such as the Netherlands).
Then there was the recent spat about India and Pakistan who both tested nukes, were embargoed for them, but because of their help on the war on terror, we’ve seem to have decided to forget that they have them.
Israel is a friend of the US so we don’t get too upset about them having nukes.

BUT, there’s more we’re not hearing about:
Brazil and Argentina.
Both have a track record of lying about their weaponry programmes to appease the international community, and have the technology needed to enrich uranium. Especially Brazil is a viable candidate for nuclear weaponry.

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