Google Calendar was down for hours after major outage

Google Calendar was down for users around the world for nearly three hours earlier today. Calendar users trying to access the service were met with a 404 error message through a browser from around 10AM ET until around 12:40PM ET. Google’s Calendar service dashboard now reveals that issues should be resolved for everyone within the next hour.

“We expect to resolve the problem affecting a majority of users of Google Calendar at 6/18/19, 1:40 PM,” the message reads. “Please note that this time frame is an estimate and may change.” Google Calendar appears to have returned for most users, though. Other Google services such as Gmail and Google Maps appeared to be unaffected during the calendar outage, although Hangouts Meet reportedly experiencing some difficulties.

Google Calendar’s issues come in the same month as another massive Google outage which saw YouTube, Gmail, and Snapchat taken offline because of problems with the company’s overall Cloud service. At the time, Google blamed “high levels of network congestion in the eastern USA” for the issues.

The outage also came just over an hour after Google’s G Suite twitter account sent out a tweet promoting Google Calendar’s ability to making scheduling simpler.

Source: Google Calendar was down for hours after major outage

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