Pure Pwnage

Pure pwnage liek 0wnz n00bz liek totally!
An excellent ‘reality TV documentary’ style series about the life of the pro gamer, 0wning n00bz on internet for free download. First rate, very funny, original and well worth watching…

I’m gonna so own you with my micro!

Bad Date site

A list of horrible date stories,

They’re fairly tame, so if that doesn’t float your boat, there’s always the creepy and disturbing http://grouphug.us/ .

And a site where women register cheating boyfriends,
which looks primed to violate a lot of privacy and/or slander laws.

Khronos Projector

What if by touching something, time would stand still for it? In video we can make time move by pressing on the ffwd / rev button, but that time lapses the whole of the video. Now in this project you can use a touch screen / mouse / pen thing to time lapse only that part of the playback that you’re pressing. The software will be available on the site, but the C++ it was written in isn’t due to specificalities. Loads of videos to see.


Researchers at Rice University have managed to build a nanocar with suspension, axles, wheels, everything. The wheels are only one atom big. They have a nano-engine for it, but they have yet to fit the car with it.

Wonderbra site

OK so it sounds kind of like I’m just trying to pull you to a sex site or something, but this site (made in Flash) was created to support the “Hello Boys” resurgence of the breast campaign by Wonderbra. It’s really really well designed, both in terms of attractivenes as in terms of functionality. Very worth a visit and safe for work!

MySpace Worm

Samy posted a piece of very cleverly crafted stuff on his profile in MySpace, which basically made everyone who saw his profile add the same code to their profile, and add Samy to their friendslist together with some text. This shows the fragility of browsers when using AJAX to code sites, despite some fairly complicated filtering at MySpace, which Samy managed to get around.

The technical explanation and code itself is here

There’s an interview with samy and some more (easier) explanation here

MI6 – SIS website

For a secret service, it’s quite amazing how they now have a website for the world to see! Together with neat marketing corporate logo’s and all!

Google Earth Black Helicopters

The Register has had a fantastic competition to use Google Earth to find weird stuff in the system – and readers have responded! 11 pages of fantastic satellite imagery…

Blizzard is using WoW to spy on your PC

Agreeing to the new Terms of Service (which we all did without actually looking at them) for World of Warcraft now gives Blizzard permission to use their program “Warden” to search your harddrive and send any information they find and want back to them. That’s going a bit far for an anti-cheating system… the ToS is worded so that it doesn’t specify just the cheats! Come on corporate spys, this is a bit much for me!

At www.rootkit.com you can download a programme called ‘the governor’ which basically alerts you to what information is being sent to Blizzard. http://www.rootkit.com/vault/hoglund/Governor.zip

Wine ageing in minutes

A Japanese inventor has found out how to turn a young wine into an old one – in 15 seconds!

Kitty Litter Robot

A robot to change your kitty litter automagically. It does turn, but 7 minutes after the cat has (hopefully) left it. What will the cat think of this? New toy or doom machine?

Monty Pythons Flying Circus

All the TV Show scripts in glorious technicolor HTML!

Rocket Racing

Peter Diamandis, founder of the X Prize, has announced he’s starting a racing league for rocket planes, using all kinds of high tech to make it attractive to the public and TV stations. Things like HUD projected racecourses, with the racecourse and rockets visible on screens to the spectators. Cameras will be hung all over and inside the planes, and the rockets will create as large fiery plumes as possible.
The idea is to launch big, with large prize moneys and a standard rocket plane to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Back to the golden days of innovation by the people is the motto. Sounds very cool, but ambitious. I’ll be watching!

This site contains a lot of information on the format of the races, the rules, the specifications, etc. A lot of information!

HOWTO open your door with your cellphone

Engadget is running this great howto – attach a line to your buzzer and when you call it, your door opens! Because it’s not using X10 but ELK 930 it’s quick too… allthough do you really want everyone who has your number to be able to open your door?

Another new browser: Flock

These guys are coming out with a new browser: Flock – it integrates galleries, blogging, online bookmarks with descriptions, etc – they say there’s more to browsing than just looking at websites. Which is fair enough, I guess.

With Opera being free, the triumphant march of Firefox, IE bending its back to get better, does anyone smell browser wars again?

The basic laws of stupidity

An excellent treatise on the basic stupidity of humanity.
And of course, the laws that go with it.

170 MBps over the electric network

That’s fast!

Visions Of Science

The BBC site has some striking scientific pictures on it

Narrowcasting vs Broadcasting

Well, this is a piece I wrote up on the difference between the two words, as I’m of the opinion that it’s basically just a hyped up thing going down, but Emerce has picked up on it and is inviting discussion – Go me!

DARPA Grand Challenge

Yup, today is the startday for the second autonomous robot vehicle race – you know, the one where last year they pumped in millions of $$$ and ended up with no vehicle going further than what was it? 15 feet or something?!!!
Lets see if they do better this year 😀

Giant Squid caught on camera

For the first time ever, live giant squids – sea monsters up to 18 metres large – have been caught live on camera. Our current knowledge of these animals was based on dead ones that occassionaly wash up on shore…

The London Taxicab

A history on the Taxicab here

Aged celebrities

A list of photoshopped images of what today’s celebs might look like in the future. Kinda creepy, actually.


Unofficial Borat Homepage

Jagshemash, I like you!
Yup, Borat has a fantastic unofficial homepage here

Free telephone calls with VoIPbuster

These guys are offering free calls from PC to landline (no, not mobile) using their software. I couldn’t find out how or why, but I didn’t see any weird stuff in their terms or privacy statement…

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