It’s a pistol. And a mouse. Nuff said.

Space hotel

Another design for a modular space station / hotel for astronauts and tourists, using 7×4 m. capsules. Looking for funding – give it to them, but for heavens sake, use a different launch vehicle than that obsolete shuttle!


We’ve seen lights on buildings and games on buildings using the roomlights etc as pixels. This installation has it’s own interface made out of the the same layout of the lights on the building, you can step on, turning the LCDs on the interface on and off, and silmutaneously turning the lights on the building on/off.

Time fountain and other creations

This time fountain uses strobe lighting to show water droplets falling. You can interact with the drops and because you can alter the strobing frequency, you can seem to slow down time and even make time go backwards.
The video makes things clearer 🙂 you can find that here

Instructions on how to make the time fountain yourself here

There are plenty of other creations on the site. Another one that got my attention was the walluminate – a wallet with LEDs that come on when you open the wallet.

The plant reaction is a wonderful contraption as well.

One of the other things I found was the Make My Day DVD which apparently is a DVD set up like a Steve Jackson book – ie. you get to choose what the hero does periodically, allowing up to 13 different endings to the film. At $16,- it’s a great deal!

Cool site to browse around on.

10 unlikely celebrities

Strange people and even stranger that they became celebrities

iPod alternative?

In the 2 – 4GB there seems to be alternatives for iPod’s rule – these tiny units play video, FM, and of course the music and playlists. This review takes the Meizu M6 and Oracom UB-890 and puts them through the paces.
They both look good, with the M6 coming out as favorite.

Depression treated in hours

Ketamine, a recreational drug and anaesthetic, has been shown to relieve heavy depression sufferers within a period of hours, where other drugs take weeks or months to show effect. They will have to isolate the part of the drug that relieves the depression, as ketamine in its current form is too strong to sell commercially.

Lock picking through bumping

Apparently this method is easier than picking or using a picking gun. You take keys and file them down to the minimum, hit them on the back after insertion and turn the lock. With a bit of practice this allows you to open locks within 30 seconds.
(pdf link)

Looking for something to read?

The Observer / Guardian has published a top 100 books of all time list. Allthough I don’t entirely agree with the list, and it’s missing a whole load of good ones, it’s well worth browsing through if you can’t think of anything to read and you need a new book.

ZScanner 700

This scanner scans 3D objects and gives you that 3D object back on your PC. It’s handheld.

No, RIAA, you CAN’T prove it was me!

Well done, Tammie Marson fought the giants and won!
She claims that allthough there were illegal files on her computer that had been downloaded over her internet connection, there was simply no way that they could prove it was her who had downloaded the stuff. Anyone else of the hundreds of cheerleaders that came into her house on a daily basis could have done it. Quite so – settlement out of court.

Extreme Ironing

Everything has to be extreme nowadays, even ironing. The idea is simple – take your shirt and ironing board to extreme locations and… press your shirt. These people are ironing whilst skydiving, whilst scubadiving, in gondola’s, and any place you can think of. There’s a huge gallery of submitted pictures, proving that there are actually people who do this kind of shit!

Not only do they do this, they’ve been doing it for years, and have popular photo competitions as well…


These structures are built with fully recycled materials and make you almost totally independant from the city in that you don’t need heating, sewage or other facilities. The walls are made of filled tyres creating the brickwork. As each area where the earthship is placed is unique, so is the design and as the materials are recycled and cheap, you have a custom built design to suit your needs at a fraction of the price of a ‘normal’ house. Sounds like an ecologically sound and attractive idea. Am I turning into a tree hugger?


Dimensions are weird things. There are a whole load more of them than the 3 (length, height and depth) most people are used to, such as dimension number 4 (time) and 0 (the dot infinity).

This page shows in an easy manner how we can understand 10 dimensions. It does however end with the contention that there are only 10 dimensions, but Stephen Hawking says there are 11, so we might not be getting the whole story…

If you want another look at how you could understand more dimensional objects through looking at the shadows they cast as they drop through a world, folding hypercubes are a really good way to look at objects. This page has good jpg movies. (BTW it’s also useful to know that flatlanders are people who live in a 2D world)

Berlin Opera gets stoned

Smoke a joint in one of the Berlin Opera houses. It’s a drug opera, so the directors want you to smoke up during the opera in order to fully experience the psychadelic nature of the piece. Cool idea, but no idea what the German police are going to think of this on opening night…

126 AJAX tutorials


Verichip implanted RIFD hacked

Verichip implants a tiny RFID chip in you which contains a unique ID which will identify you at hospitals, allowing doctors to find you in the database and find your file for you.
At HOPE they demonstrated that the Verichip has no encryption and no question / response mechanism, meaning that using an RFID reader and a laptop you can clone someone’s identity no problem as writing this data to an RFID chip is no problem either.

Cube World

At GBP 19,95 this is an incredible gadget – each cube contains a person who does random things somewhat like Tamagochi. It has buttons on it to interact with the person. There are several personalities you can buy and when you place cubes next to each other the people in them will interact with each other randomly. As there are around 100 animations it won’t get boring quickly.

Portable Bone Healing Machines

These have been given approval by the US FDA. Apparently they give a 38% faster healing period using them for 20 minutes each day. It’s non invasive and uses ultrasonics to stimulate bone into healing.

Honda to make business jets

Honda is fed up with other jet manufacturers and hopes to make a splash in the business jet market. Production to begin somewhere in 2009 / 2010

Biomedical Image Awards 2006

This gallery contains amazing pictures of biology including explanations of what it is you’re seeing.

This is a split open skin cancer cell

Motorcycle Tank

Built to drive around on anything. Not in production.

Wear Sunscreen

But slap it on, do not spread it into your skin. The best defence is getting no sun.

1005 bhp supercar

Barabus has gone 4 bhp up on Bugatti’s Veyron with a car that will be unveiled in London tomorrow.

Baby Name Voyager

This Java applet shows how many people (y-axis) were born in a given year (x-axis) with a given (part of a) name (area under the curve) on a graph comparatively to other names starting with the same letter.

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