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Chinese Aircraft Carrier

Odd this! It’s a chinese replica of a US aircraft carrier at around 7/8ths scale and is used as a “Military Education Center” at the “Orient Green Boat After-School Camp for Youngsters.” Near Shanghai it’s worth visiting with a $6,- surcharge…

Rerouting the brain

Pieces of wire stimulating different areas of the brain silmutaneously controlled through a circuitboard shows that the brain associates the two areas and can allow you to bypass damaged areas, which is especially hopeful for stroke or spinal-cord injury victims.

Labouchere of Arabia

Defensetech is running an article about a lt. colonel in Iraq running around his province using lightly armoured small patrols, refusing to use much in the way of technology and booking remarkable success doing the job much more cheaply and effectively than other units in Iraq.

US Army Command and Conquer

The US Army has a cool new simulation system, which I guess will be integrated with RL maneuver, showing units up to squad level on a map, updated continuously and allowing commanders control of the units. There’s a link in here to the maneuver control system which is well worth following.