Another new browser in the wars.

But this one is specifically for visiting porn sites with. It’s called Heatseak and implements a shell on IE, closing it down for much of the nasty behaviour certain porn sites exhibit (spyware, popups etc). The installer allows you to choose a variety of names / icons for it, so it’s not too obvious on your PC, and it has playlists of the stuff you’ve downloaded a bit like itunes. Also all the downloaded content and sites you’ve visited are stored encrypted on its’ own bit of disk, so no one else can get at it or see where you’ve gone. Anonymity is a big point of the design. If you want to view the content outside of Heatseak you pay $20,- for a gold version.

Nudism growing

Apparently the nude vacationing industry has tripled in size from 1992 (when it was at $400m) catering mainly to the over 35s and luxury segment.

Gallileo Cracked

Now everybody can use the GPS signal information – for free 🙂

Anti anti smoking

In an earlier post, I vented my frustrations about smoking studies – few of them are available and the ones that are are flawed: there are very few indeed with a sample size larger than 15 (which is surprising considering the millions of smokers out there) and the one (and only one!) I’ve been pointed to so far has been far from conclusive (putting it mildly).

Now I’ve found a few websites dedicated to telling you a few truths – they also find the studies they have access to are full of shit, especially those regarding passive smoking.

The Smokers Club, inc.


The Truth Is A Lie

We are Americans Too!

The Smokers Rebellion

The only claims they refute that I simply can’t agree with is that smoking is non-addictive. Having smoked for quite some time, I can tell you that it damn well is.

What they do show is the conspiracy of the anti-smoking lobby having successfully inundated the population with their fairy tales and spin which grows larger and more all encompassing (eg. that smoking affects appearance).

I’m glad to see there is some movement to grant us our rights!

Airlines for smokers – Smintair

Finally someone has decided to fly those fuckers who banned us from smoking in the face: Smintair (Smoking International Airways) is planning to open a route between Dusseldorf and Tokyo, for smokers only! Apparently they will have an above average air cleansing system and extra comforts. They hope to make the first flight on March 26th 2007. Hopefully this will work and they will grow!

380 ways to freak out your roommate

I first found this list on a BBS around about 1993 and it’s still floating around! It’s still as good as it was back then too – some of these are far out!

8. Learn to levitate. While your roommate is looking away, float up out of your seat. When s/he turns to look, fall back down and grin.

42. Put your mattress underneath your bed. Sleep down under there and pile your dirty clothes on the empty bedframe. If your roommate comments, mutter “Gotta save space,” twenty times while twitching violently.

53. Clip your fingernails and toenails and keep them in a baggie. Leave the baggie near your computer and snack from it while studying. If s/he walks by, grab the bag close and eye him/her suspiciously.

64. Create an imaginary cat for a pet. Talk to it every night, act like you’re holding it, keep a litter box under your desk. After two weeks, say that your cat is missing. Put up signs in your dorm, blame your roommate.

106. Pretend to shower often but only wash your hair in the sink. See how long it takes your roommate to notice.

129. Get your roommate’s social security number. Call the registrar and switch all of his/her classes. Tell your roommate at the end of the term that the Philosophical Environmental Anthropology exam is supposed to be really hard. Wish him/her luck.

193. Move everything to one side of the room. Ask your roommate if s/he knows how much an elephant weighs, and look at the floor on the empty side of the room with concern.

229. Keep some worms in a shoebox. When doing homework, go and consult with the worms every so often. Then become angry, shouting at the worms that they’re stupid and they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Heineken Brick Bottles

Apparently in the 1950s mr. Heineken tried to do something for the world by creating beer bottles that could be used to create housing in poor areas from. Unfortunately the plan was voted down somehow.

German Expressionism movies

Free to download and watch on the web

First Ornithopter flies

An ornithopter is an aircraft that flies by flapping its’ wings. Surprisingly this has never been done before, despite drawings of whacked out genius mr. da Vinci. After 30 years of trying Dr. James DeLaurier and his team managed a 14 second powered manned flight. What a sight that must have been.

Japan goes ballistic over N Korean missles

Yup, Japan is talking pre-emptive strike. Remember, this is because N Korea is testing long and medium range missles that are fallling into the sea short of Japan itself – even though once in 1998 a missle was launched that flew over Japan itself. The threats are where you see them.

KITT in a video clip

I’d heard rumours that David Hasslehoff made music and had some ego problems, but that left me unprepared for his latest foray into the realm of popular culture.


Take your time and watch the whole thing.

Repliee Q2

Repliee Q2 is a real doll with sensors, microphones, camera’s, recognition software and facial expressions allowing it to talk quite convincingly. There are quicktime move links to show her speaking and interacting on the site.

Most important discoveries made by the US office of science

The U.S. Dept. of Energy has publicised a list of discoveries it has made that it considers most important. It’s quite a large list and has links to more information on the discovery.

USA Rebuilds Nukes

Because the USA isn’t allowed by START treaties to build more nukes, they’ve taken to refurbishing old 1960s nukes. Why? North Korea maybe? Nuclear racing is back in town.

North Korea Test Firings

The North has been having a field day, launching seven missles after a moratorium starting from 1998, when they fired a medium range missle over Japan. The ranges they fired aren’t reported, but apparently the long range missle failed.

Magnetic Floating Bed

With enough magnets in it to float 900 kilograms it looks damn cool. For sale al EUR. 1.2 million (!). Has anyone thought what that kind of magnetic field does to your brain?

N Korea threatens nuclear war

Don’t fuck with N Korea or they will launch “annhilating strikes” on the US. This in response to the calls to N Korea to not testdrive their shiny new superlongrange missle.

Non smoking in pubs has special problems

Now there is no tobacco smoke warding off the midges, pubs in Scotland are being infested with stinging insects.

The Christian Fish is a symbol for fertility

Apparently it’s a very old symbol, used to signify the Earth Mother, female anatomy and reproductive potenency.

EMC will acquire RSA Security

EMC announces on agreement on acquisition of RSA Security.

It is wonderful to see that maybe finally the interface/UI of RSA might be updated from its windows 3.11 look, maybe have integration with EMC Control Center (ECC), one can wish for good things to happen.

This is a major step for EMC, they now have the full range product suite which is related to data mangement: migration/analysis tools, storage tiering, backups, archiving and data security.


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State University engineers have invented a radar system that is virtually undetectable, because its signal resembles random noise.

The radar could have applications in law enforcement, the military, and disaster rescue.

Remote Control Golfball

Wouldn’t it be lovely if your putting average would be perfect, nobody loves his short game, so maybe a remote control golfball could help?

Smell Recorder

Japanese engineers have developed a machine that can capture and replay scents from foods or fragrances using an inventory of non toxic chemicals.

Regrow bones and teeth

Canadian scientists have developed a low-intensity ultrasound based device that can regrow bones and teeth.

Test websites in 30 browsers

You submit your site and it puts the request into a queue. You can return to the site later to view the screenshots it makes of your URL using 30 different browsers.

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