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The name of the machine says it all: you hang clothes on a peg, and the one machine washes, then dries, then irons your clothes. And it’s developed by a student who can’t yet find a company to help manufacture it! I neeeeed one!

Google Desktop 3 Spyware

Or at least the EFF says it is. Why? Because default settings allow you to ‘search across computers’ – and people will probably not be aware of this. Basically Google stores everything it finds on your desktop on its own servers for some period in text form. Which means they have everything on your PC!

DOJ vs Judge

Well, Blackberry has infringed patents and stuff and it’s illegal and stuff, but we can’t shut down Blackberry service in the US and stuff, because – it’s a hazard to national security, and there are 200,000 government users who absolutely NEED Blackberry or they’ll, like, die and stuff! How is this clash between the US Read more about DOJ vs Judge[…]

Transparent OLEDs

So, what’s cooler than a flatpanel OLED display? A transparent OLED display – duhhhh! Ze Germans have figured out how to create transparent OLEDs which we can use in our cars and stuff – I want my whole window to be an OLED display!

Space elevator

This is something the world NEEDS to build! To infinity and beyond! Awesome pictures when you click. If you go to the science pictures (many of them from scientific american covers) are pretty awesome too.