NL Gov decides Police can break into houses with (almost) no cause

All that is needed to break into and search a Dutch residence is a “suspicion” that there “may be” an illegal immigrant in there. Once inside, the (military) police is allowed to search through absolutely everything in a violent manner, stopping short of breaking down walls. You can stop them by showing your identity papers (“Ausweiss, Bitte!”) but they can of course claim that they suspect there are more people hiding under beds, in cupboards, etc. until they have satisfactorily destroyed your belongings.

Obviously there is no way that the <sarcasm>incredibly competent</sarcasm> NL Police force would misuse this power, just as there is no abuse of CCTV footage, telecoms tapping, airport pervert scanners etc etc. In this case personal vendettas are an easy thing to fix, but scarier is the race targeting they could do. Considering this is part of anti-immigrant legislation, this may be a portent of Fred Teeven and the VVD / PvdA coaltion governments plans.

See you freedom, welcome police state!

Teeven breidt mogelijkheden vreemdelingentoezicht uit | Nieuwsbericht |

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